The Foundation for Global Mobility is an Independent International Organization committed to improving the efficient movement of people and products in the Global Economy.

The arc of civilization can be traced by the state of movement technology: From the oxcart to the modern cargo container ship, from horseback to the hybrid vehicle, from the messenger on foot to the world wide reach of the internet, the technology of mobility has an incalculable impact on the state of the world.

The mission of the Foundation for Global Mobility is to facilitate the growth of mobility efficiencies via education, directed research and development and to enhance the communication network of the world’s mobility leaders.

Never before have world events so impacted the free flow of people and product and of commerce and cultures.

* Increased Security and Screening Requirements for Products and Passengers
* Constrained Energy Resources and New Environmental Requirements
* Limited Funding for Vital Infrastructure and Infrastructure Improvements
* The Availability of Critical Technology

The Impacts on Individuals and Businesses is Profound:

* The ability of consumers to get to market, places of employment and service human needs
* The ability of industry to source raw materials and manufacture products and deliver services

The convergence of these factors is defining Global Mobility.

Global Mobility is what will determine the welfare of individuals and the viability of business around the world now and in the future.
Global Mobility’s impact is pervasive… it touches individuals, industry, governments… and will affect the quality of our lives for years to come.


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