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In the modern world, issues of eco-friendly lifestyle are becoming an absolute necessity. It’s not a matter of a strange trend among a group of people, but the only reasonable road for the society. It will allow us to save the planet from total degradation. Thinking about ecology must cover all the spheres of life, starting with matters of construction and transport, through food production and health, all the way to entertainment and ways of spending free time.

Every year, the Earth faces bigger problems. It is crucial to undertake global actions aiming at finding the golden mean between improving quality of life and respecting the natural environment.

We are making an important attempt at solving some of the problems of today’s world by designing the construction of a prototype of an eco-city with a future target of expanding the activities to as much of the population as possible. If humanity started to live in accordance with eco-friendly trends and in harmony with the natural environment on a mass scale, the chance for us to survive as a smart, conscious species would grow.


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