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Growing awareness

Growing awareness

People can afford living smarter and more consciously, benefiting from past experiences and ensuring their own and the planet’s future. Focusing the concern on ourselves and the Earth is taking care of health and life while respecting nature and other people.

A smart life means to know how to find the golden mean between resting and acting. True wisdom is preventing trouble before it appears. That is why growth and education are crucial. A person, who sees more and better understands himself and the world around him can reasonably use natural resources, live slower, respect timeless social values. He can communicate well and therefore live in peace and harmony.

Golden Mean Foundation project plans to contribute a lot of attention to the matter of educating and forming pro-ecological and socially-oriented behaviors. The concept is, that eco-city will be inhabited by conscious people, seeking self-development and peaceful relations. The community of eco-city will have excellent conditions for learning how to self-develop constructively and how to improve their environmentally-sound behaviors.


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