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How did Golden Mean Foundation start?

How did Golden Mean Foundation start?

How did Golden Mean Foundation start?

Every day, we are bombarded with information about changes going on in the world around us. It’s becoming a less predictable and stable place. Our civilization seems to be drowning in chaos and following the road of self and environment destruction. We deeply believe, that we can change. We can live wiser, more consciously, benefiting from past experiences and caring for the future for ourselves and for the ecosystem. Caring for yourself and for the Earth is caring about your health and life while respecting nature and other people. A smart life is knowing how to find the golden mean between the development of society and maintaining beauty and biodiversity of our planet. Wisdom is preventing trouble before it even happens.


That’s why in March 2020 we signed the Articles of Association for the Golden Mean Foundation and started carrying out a huge eco-project. Its main aim is to create conditions for a safe, free and independent life in harmony with nature.

How do we operate?



We carry out big projects. Our accomplishments include creating and managing for years well-developed enterprises from the industries of technology, services, food, nature and therapy and growth. In 2019, we released a modern Development Center with a restaurant, conference room, training and workshop rooms and therapeutic rooms. That is where the headquarters of the Foundation are located.

Heart and Passion

We don’t treat our actions for the benefit of the Foundation as work, but as realizing personal life missions. Many times we found ourselves in difficult situations and we questioned the beliefs of humanity. Many travels around the world showed us how beautiful it is and how much people degrade the natural environment. We swam in oceans full of trash and walked through cities where we choked on smog and pollution. We saw extreme poverty and people dying of hunger. These experiences shook us and made us want deep changes in the way humanity works. That’s why we are a team of people ready to sacrifice any amount of our time and energy to realize what we believe in.


Ethics and principles

We believe that no end justifies the means. The project, that we want to carry out, despite its difficulty and demandingness, will not be finished at the expense of somebody’s harm or injustice. Our intentions are pure. We want this huge endeavor to be an example of a project carried out with due diligence. We operate with honesty and paying particular attention to what is good for the natural environment and the human being, who is part of it.


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