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Producing organic food


The community of the eco-city will have direct access to healthy, organic food. Its cultivation will be particularly protected from unfavorable weather conditions. As a result of climate changes, the weather is becoming more and more aggressive, there is an increased number of anomalies, that is draughts, long-lasting heavy rain, hail, strong winds, tornados. There is a possibility of crops failure or devastation. Creating big, eco-friendly greenhouses might resolve that problem. The structures will be equipped with a rainwater harvesting system whose job will be to collect the rainwater and then distribute it as needed for the plants to grow. Controlling the temperature and sunlight inside the greenhouse will also allow for the optimization of production, so that the plants grow naturally and fast.

Food production on site generates large savings. There is no need for unnecessary packaging, long transport and middlemen adding to the price. In short, a vegetable coming from an eco-friendly greenhouse goes directly into the residents’ kitchens. It’s not only fresh, but also much cheaper than vegetables bought in supermarkets. The same goes for producing and processing grains, baking bread and producing dairy. More savings for the residents. Another huge advantage is being independent from growing prices of food in the world. It’s a guarantee of financial safety for the community of the eco-city.


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