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Urban design of an eco-city – genesis

We understand, that people feel best, when they are surrounded by nature, that defines the rhythm of their lives. We wake up with the sun rise, become more optimistic with the arrival of spring. Mother Nature has always been an inspiration for art and, above all, architecture. Our eco-city is an homage to nature.

The project is based on the shape of tree branches. It creates a circle with unregular branches. Trees live long, but they change as time passes by. They grow wide to give us more oxygen and shade on sunny days. They provide shelter for animals, help them survive. Observing nature is a soothing experience. It teaches us about unifying with the world, about friendship, mutual help, respect. They show us, that everything changes, nothing is constant, and we should keep growing, just like trees.

Houses, industry and utility buildings were planned according to the lines of the branches. They make up an irregular system, that works together in harmony. Smooth and streamline shapes used in the project are pleasant for the human eye. We naturally feel better in an organic environment than in an angular and monumental place. Such a form of architecture makes people feel unified with the world around them.

Despite the organic form of the city, we can’t really speak of chaos. The project has been divided into separate functions. Thanks to that the industrial area does not collide with the living area. We won’t have to drive through the entire city to catch a breath of fresh air at the park. It’s an organism where life will be free of toxins.

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