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What will you find in the Golden Mean Eco-City?

Golden Mean Village is a place that connects the advantages of the city and the countryside, with a strong element of a multifunctional therapeutic-development center. It will be a place for restoring health and balance for those who simply want to relax for a couple of days. It’s also a center of development and deep regeneration for people exhausted with corporate rat race. Those who are ready for fundamental changes in their lives will get maximum support and help as well as space for creating something new for themselves. For those who wish to stay here permanently, it will be a place for working, carrying out their passions and living comfortably.

Our project is planned to strongly support those, who found themselves in difficult life situations and can’t get out of them on their own. It’s comprehensive therapeutic, legal, financial, medical assistance. As a foundation we took on the assumption, that the biggest value, that we can give to humanity is creating space, where we would be able to help many people over a maximum period of time. Changing the way of functioning and thinking, using humanity’s achievements wisely while eliminating everything that is destructive and simply stupid.

What will be built with the use of eco-construction technology?
– Houses
– Training and workshop rooms
– Therapeutic rooms
– School (probably Waldorf)
– Pre-school (probably Montessori)
– Big eco-friendly greenhouses
– Organic food factories
– Bakeries, cheese stores, vinegar, oil factories, etc.
– Farms with animals, that provide wool (lamas, sheep)
– Creative work centers
– Space for praying, contemplation, meditation (not related to any particular religion)
– Relaxation centers and spa, swimming pools, courts, sport centers
– Cinema-theatre
– Places for meetings, parties, concerts and expositions

Except for the buildings, of course a lot of green areas, parks, orchards, forests, fields etc.

This eco-city is supposed to be a prototype for similar endeavors all around the world. We want to show the world, that it is possible for people to live smarter, not harming themselves and our beautiful Earth on a mass scale. This is simply good and that’s why it has to work!

Even the longest journey starts with the first step. Thanks to your support we are able to take these first steps, organize the office for the foundation, create the documentation, more detailed architectural designs, marketing plans. That’s why even the smallest support is so important right now. Please, help us build a better future.

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